Americana Music Association
Conference September 2002

Billy Joe Shaver gives Penny Jo a big hug.

PJP with Amy Koucky of
Broke Down Opry
PJP with Joe Waxe, Silver Records,
and Molly Slone

PJP with Amy Koucky, Jeff Wall & Molly Slone

PJP with Katie Key of
Texas Music Chart
PJP with Rick Star of KBAY

Molly Slone with Lonesome Bob

PJP with R.W. Shamy of TwangCast

PJP with Eilleen Sisk of
the Tennessean
PJP with Matt Merta of
Boomba Records

Billy Joe as he receives
the AMA Lifetime Songwriter Award
Jason Ring

The Flatlanders

Kerri Powers & her
Producer Extraordinaire

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2002 Penny Jo Pullus