UK Tour 2003

Dinner at The Shed

Mike Plummer at The Shed

Stewert at The Oranges

The Musician, Leicester

Sittin' in with Mick at The Musician

With Steve Black at The ieTheater in Axminister

Dale with the Mustang Man

Live at The Borderline

Mike and the gang at The Borderline

Jerry Mansfield of Maverick Magazine

Lawrence and Dale at The Pilot

Heather, PJ, and Lawrence at The Pilot

Mickey Kemp at The Pilot

Mickey Kemp and Raven

Raven and PJ

David of The First & Last Pub in The Meadow House, Berwick

David Hearn

Live at The First & Last Pub

Steve Cherelle of the BBC

David Blosse and PJ

The North Sea, Scottland

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©2003 - Penny Jo Pullus