CD Reviews

Acme Volcano

  • "This is cool. This is really cool. Penny Jo Pullus is a brimstone-hot belter with a rough-edged, hillbilly style, and her band Trailer Trash, rocks in a sharp aggressive cowpunk-meets-Webb-Wilder kinda way."
    - The Music Press, Binghamton, NY

  • "Penny Jo has quite a voice. She sings in a vein akin to Maria McKee with more rasp and less warble. This three-piece reminds me of Patsy Cline with a backing band ready for the 90's. The recording captures a fun spirit and you can tell Penny loves singing. This is country rock without being honky tonk music. Based in Austin,Texas, Penny sounds like a southern torch singer."
    - Gordon's Flash, Los Angeles, CA

  • "Throughout Acme Volcano there's a sweltering heat, passion and energy ready to explode, with Penny Jo and the boys throwing sticks of musical dynamite into gaping emotional crevices. Pop this disc in and watch the fireworks."
    - Syarcuse New Times, Syracuse, NY

  • "She packs a powerfully inspirational vocal wallop, mixing the pure emotion of Patsy Cline and the Angst of Janis Joplin"
    - Rochester Free Times, Rochester, NY

1999, 2000 Penny Jo Pullus